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Home Automation / Integration

integration [in-ti-grey-shuhn] noun    an act or instance of combining into an integral whole. 

This is what we do.  We INTEGRATE control for the systems in your home - to give you a single 'dashboard' like an iPad - enabling you to control your Media Room, Home Theater, Whole House Audio, Video Distribution, Energy Management, Climate Control, Networking, Telephone Systems, Structured Wiring, and more - from any seat in the house - or from any place in the world!

We offer a variety of touch-screen Home Automation systems that will give you the ability to to control as much - or as little - of your home as you want - at a price that makes sense for your budget.  Gone are the days when you had multiple remote controls sitting on the coffee table to operate your Media Room TV system.  We make it simple - one intuitive universal remote will control everything. 


Home Theater Services


Do you want a room in your house that recreates a real 'movie theater' experience?  You can have it.  We provide scalable home theater designs that provide the thrill of owning a state-of-the-art home theater at an affordable price. Never before has the concept of a home theater been so real and achievable.  Like everything else, the HD projector technology has improved dramatically while relative prices have come way down.  TVs are getting larger - but nowhere near the size of 125" front projection screen. 

If you have the space, a dedicated Home Theater is a solid investment in any home.  We design the theaters we build - and we can provide the right design for you - whether you are a family on a budget - or a videophile who demands the highest quality in every component.


Media Rooms Service

Media Rooms

A Family Room is a good example of a potential 'Media Room'.  This is not a dedicated home theater per se - but a room where family and friends will often gather to watch sporting events - like a Super Bowl - or a popular TV show - or even a DVD.  You will probably want a large flat panel display, and suround sound speakers discretely integrated into your interior design.  Your speakers will be able to play house music when you are entertaining and the TV is turned off.  Our designs ensure that all supporting components and wires are nowhere in sight - either located in a central 'media closet' or in cabinets within your Media Room.  Rec Rooms are another good expample of the Medial Room concept - a place where you have a large flat panel display and surround sound for TV as well as game playing.  Today's  homes have multiple Media Rooms - even Master Bedrooms in some cases - where clients want to hear the surround sound that almost every program offers these days.

Whole House Audio Services


Did you stop listening to your music at home when it became to much of a hassle to load your multi-disc CD player?  We will take your CD library and put it on a server so that you can listen to your music all over your house - different songs in different locations if you like - and it will all be easy to control using a device as simple as your smart phone!  Sirius/XM, Rhapsody, Pandora - so many sources of audio content are available to you and your family today - everyone will be able to listen to what they like.

HTA makes it easy - and affordable - to put the music back into your life.   Our systems allow listeners to spend more time relaxing, and less time hassling with complicated stereo systems.

Video Distribution Services

Whole House Video Distribution

Now there is no need to pay the cable or satellite company for an HD receiver for every TV in the house.  With a distributred video system, you can locate your cable receivers, DVD players, movie servers and other video content providers in a central media closet - and then share those devices among ALL of the TVs in the  house!  So, even if you have seven TVs, you may only need three cable or satellite receivers because you can access any cable box from any TV!  You can start watching a program in the Family Room - pause it - then finish watching the program from your bedroom! 

There are many advantages to video distribution in your home. We'll be glad to help you understand the benefits. Whatever your needs, HTA can design and install an ideal system for you.

Lighting Control Services

Lighting and Shade Control

Your family will never return home to a dark house once you invest in lighting control for your home.  Your home's lights - inside and out - will be scheduled to light the way you live - automatically.  You won't have to run around the house turning lights on at dark - and then re-trace your steps to turn them off at bedtime.  Your lighting system knows when it's sunset and adjusts daily.  Put your house in 'Vacation' mode to simulate occupancy when you are away.  ALL ON/OFF buttons by your bedside provide complete control - and quick response when you hear a noise in the night.

Think also about automated shading.  Press a single button and shades will deploy in complete silence.  Create total blackout in your bedroom.  Schedule your shades - as you can your lights - to go to specific positions automatically during the day to reduce the impact of the sun - and after sunset to provide privacy.  Control sunlight exposure to prevent harsh U/V rays from damaging expensive furnishings. Or if you prefer, you can simply push a button to adjust them when you want, achieving the greatest beauty and efficiency in each room at all times.

Surveillance Camera Services


Keep an eye on your home when you're not there - and when you are.  HTA provides video surveillance systems that enable you to look at live views of your house whenever you want - day or night - from wherever you want.  More importantly, your cameras will record any motion they see - anybody moving on or around your property - and will record those images to a secure hard drive.  So, if anything happens when you are away from the house - you can go to your camera system and review the history of motion that has been recorded to your camera storage.  You can review these images on your PC or iPad, etc  - anytime - anywhere. 


Networking Services

Internet / Networking Services

A strong home network is an absolute necessity in today's residence - both WIRED and WIRELESS.  At the most basic level, your network connects your computer to the Internet - so you can surf the Web and deliver your email.  And as each day passes, you bring more devices into your home that want to connect to the Internet.  Your smart phone jumps on your home network as soon as you enter your home.  All of your smart devices including iPads and tablets - want to connect to the network as soon as you turn them on.  And now your TVs, DVD players, Video Games, and most AV components need a connection to the Internet - via your home network.  You get the picture.  At HTA, we are networking specialists.  We will design a network for your home that will give you a seemless WIRELESS envelope that will cover every inch of your home - and a WIRED Ethernet to deliver broadband to your TVs, DVD players and other network connected appliances. 

Climate Control Services

Climate Control

Did you ever wake up in bed in the middle of the night and think the room was too hot or cold?  Or get to the airport and forget to set your thermostat to a temperature that won't burn loads of energy while you are away?  If you let HTA automate your thermostats, you can pick up your smart phone beside the bed or at the airport - and adjust your thermostats as needed.  Advanced climate control is a simple and affordable addition to any home.  By automating systems to conserve energy, you can control your energy costs—when you're home or away.

Energy Management Services

Energy Management

HTA provides energy management systems that enable you to monitor and control your energy consumption. The concept is that if you know when energy rates are highest, you can dial back air conditioning a few degrees during those hours and save money - or wait to run the dryer when electricity is less costly.  Our systems can provide a detailed history as well as an accurate real time analysis of the energy consumed by your air conditioner, lights, electronics, and some large appliances.  Not only is it empowering to see exactly how much energy you are consuming, but it gives you the ability to lower your utility bills by actively programming your home to behave according to your target budget.

Telephone Systems Services

Telephone Systems

Today, lots of people wonder if they even need tradtional phone systems in their home - since we have all become so attached to our smart wireless phones. The answer in many cases is yes - and not always for the traditional reasons. 

HTA phone systems can act as a doorbell in a large home.  When someone rings the doorbell, the phones throughut the house will ring a distinctive tone - you can pick up any phone and speak to the visitor - and SEE the visitor in the touchscreen on the phone! In a large house, this may be the only effective way to hear the doorbell throughout the residence. An HTA telephone system can also perform the function of a 'whole-house' intercom. You can call from one room to another within your house.  Or, you can pick up any phone and send a page to the entire house - calling the kids down for dinner!

HTA Telephone systems offer many great features including multiple lines and extensions, individual voicemail boxes, custom programming, as well as full control of all the integrated systems in your home.

Structured Wiring Services

Structured Wiring

If you are building a new home - or renovating your existing property - it is important to install the right wire!  The 'low voltage' wire in your home is like the nervous system in your body.  This is the wire that carries all of the information and content to all of the communications, media and control devices in your home.  This is the wire that supports your home network and connects you to the Internet.  It delivers the high definition video to your TVs and the music to your speakers.  It delivers control for lights, thermostats, cameras and security.  So, it is of paramount importance that you have a structured wire design that will support all of the technology you will bring into your house today - AND- the wire you install today should be able to anticipate the standards that will evolve ten and even twenty years from now.  An HTA structured wiring design will take care of your house today - and we will future proof your home for the years ahead.

Maintenance Agreements Services

HTA Maintenance Agreements

HTA provides the highest level of care and support for ALL of our clients.  Client support and satisfaction is our primary focus.  We stress the need for regular maintenance for the systems we design and install. You know the old addage about 'an ounce of prevention'.... Well that's particularly true for today's technology.  Most of the new electronics need software and firmware updates at frequent intervals.  Flat panel displays need calibration to perform optimally. With these needs in mind, HTA offers multi-tiered HTA Maintenance Agreements that help our cleints keep their systems humming - with the right level of proactive maintenance -  at a price our clients can afford.