Media Rooms

A Family Room is a good example of a potential 'Media Room'.  This is not a dedicated home theater per se - but a room where family and friends will often gather to watch sporting events - like a Super Bowl - or a popular TV show - or even a DVD.  You will probably want a large flat panel display, and surround sound speakers discretely integrated into your interior design.  Your speakers will be able to play house music when you are entertaining and the TV is turned off.  Our designs ensure that all supporting components and wires are nowhere in sight - either located in a central 'media closet' or in cabinets within your Media Room.  Rec Rooms are another good example of the Medial Room concept - a place where you have a large flat panel display and surround sound for TV as well as game playing.  Today's homes have multiple Media Rooms - even Master Bedrooms in some cases - where clients want to hear the surround sound that almost every program offers these days.

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