Whole House Audio & Video

Did you stop listening to your music at home when it became too much of a hassle to load your multi-disc CD player?  We will take your CD library and put it on a server so that you can listen to your music all over your house - different songs in different locations if you like - and it will all be easy to control using a device as simple as your smartphone!  Sirius/XM, Rhapsody, Pandora - so many sources of audio content are available to you and your family today - everyone will be able to listen to what they like.

HTA makes it easy - and affordable - to put the music back into your life.   Our systems allow listeners to spend more time relaxing, and less time hassling with complicated stereo systems.

Solutions - Whole House Audio
Solutions - Whole House Video

Now there is no need to pay the cable or satellite company for an HD receiver for every TV in the house. With a distributed video system, you can locate your cable receivers, DVD players, movie servers and other video content providers in a central media closet - and then share those devices among ALL of the TVs in the house! So, even if you have seven TVs, you may only need three cable or satellite receivers because you can access any cable box from any TV! You can start watching a program in the Family Room - pause it - then finish watching the program from your bedroom!

There are many advantages to video distribution in your home. We'll be glad to help you understand the benefits. Whatever your needs, HTA can design and install an ideal system for you.

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