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A strong home network is an absolute necessity in today's residence - both WIRED and WIRELESS.  At the most basic level, your network connects your computer to the Internet - so you can surf the Web and deliver your email.  And as each day passes, you bring more devices into your home that want to connect to the Internet.  Your smart phone jumps on your home network as soon as you enter your home.  All of your smart devices including iPads and tablets - want to connect to the network as soon as you turn them on.  And now your TVs, DVD players, Video Games, and most AV components need a connection to the Internet - via your home network.  You get the picture.  At HTA, we are networking specialists.  We will design a network for your home that will give you a seemless WIRELESS envelope that will cover every inch of your home - and a WIRED Ethernet to deliver broadband to your TVs, DVD players and other network connected appliances. 

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