Telephone Systems

Today, lots of people wonder if they even need tradtional phone systems in their home - since we have all become so attached to our smart wireless phones. The answer in many cases is yes - and not always for the traditional reasons. 

HTA phone systems can act as a doorbell in a large home.  When someone rings the doorbell, the phones throughut the house will ring a distinctive tone - you can pick up any phone and speak to the visitor - and SEE the visitor in the touchscreen on the phone! In a large house, this may be the only effective way to hear the doorbell throughout the residence. An HTA telephone system can also perform the function of a 'whole-house' intercom. You can call from one room to another within your house.  Or, you can pick up any phone and send a page to the entire house - calling the kids down for dinner!

HTA Telephone systems offer many great features including multiple lines and extensions, individual voicemail boxes, custom programming, as well as full control of all the integrated systems in your home.

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