Structured Wiring

If you are building a new home - or renovating your existing property - it is important to install the right wire!  The 'low voltage' wire in your home is like the nervous system in your body.  This is the wire that carries all of the information and content to all of the communications, media and control devices in your home.  This is the wire that supports your home network and connects you to the Internet.  It delivers the high definition video to your TVs and the music to your speakers.  It delivers control for lights, thermostats, cameras and security.  So, it is of paramount importance that you have a structured wire design that will support all of the technology you will bring into your house today - AND- the wire you install today should be able to anticipate the standards that will evolve ten and even twenty years from now.  An HTA structured wiring design will take care of your house today - and we will future proof your home for the years ahead.

Solutions - Structured Wiring

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