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January 2020 Shades Home Automation

We are living in a modern world where everything around us works with technology. Everything that we use today is a modernized entity. We see an upgrade from fan to air conditioner, computer to iPad, telephone to smartphone etc. So why limit yourself when it comes to home decor? Upgrade the look of your home with the best functionality in remote control blinds.

Safety & Security

Are you going away for the weekend or a long vacation? You don’t want to leave your home looking empty and unattended, so using automated shades can give your home security system just the boost it needs. You can easily manage your home by creating an “Away” scene using your motorized shades, which makes them raise and lower throughout the day – mimicking your daily usage of them. This setup will fool burglars into thinking your home is occupied which steers them away from targeting it.

Having shades all around your home and in every room can increase the privacy in your house. Let light in through sheer shades that can still give an area a gorgeous glow while they’re lowered. This is great for a foyer or sitting room that you want to enjoy the natural lighting in without letting everyone see into your home at the same time. More opaque shading is ideal for bathrooms or bedrooms where you’d like complete privacy and can eliminate any view from your windows.

Control Your Shades with your Smart Phone

Every room in your home has unique lighting needs at different times of the day. With automated shading, you will have the power to manage those needs with minimal effort. Plus, they provide a cleaner look than traditional shades, since they don’t have manual controls dangling at the side. With Lutron motorized shades, you can manage how much sun every room will receive at all points of the day--even when you aren’t home as discussed earlier in the article. Automated shades can be controlled through remote, switches, or even your smartphone and devices. When you pair your shades with a home automation system, once again, the convenience and efficiency will only multiply.

Optimize Your Home Theater Experience

Automated motorized window shades let you take your home theater experience to the next level. With the simple touch of a button, you can change the amount of natural light in the room. Home automation allows you to completely block sunlight when you want to watch a movie or let some filtered sunshine in when you are enjoying your favorite television shows.

Money & Energy Efficiency

Did you know shades can also provide amazing insulation for your entire home and property? If it’s cold or warm outside, your shades can keep your house cozy or cooled-off based on your preference. When installed, shades have a gap between the shade material and the window, which is called an “air pocket.” This design was specially engineered to help regulate your house’s internal temperature and keep your HVAC system from going into over-drive. If you have a smart thermostat, it syncs up with your shades, lowering them to warm up or cool off the house when photosensors alert the system, so you can cut back on energy usage and lower your monthly bills.