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Wellness / Biophilia

In the past year wellness has gotten a fair amount of media coverage, and inside the trade community, it’s gotten an enormous amount of coverage. Azione Unlimited, the big home-tech buying and networking group hosted more than 250 home-technology pros recently in Seattle for the association’s annual fall conference.

Wellness and biophilia were key themes of the event and a priority of Azione in the coming year. Biophilia, a rapidly growing theme in technology and design/build circles, refers to human beings’ innate attachment to nature. Manufacturers and dealers are quickly entering the category with products, ecosystems and services to create environments that bring (simulated) nature into the indoors – circadian lighting and temperature controls, purified air and water, sounds and sights of the outdoors, or other stimuli found in nature.

Azione announced it is partnering with Pure Wellness. Positioned as the world’s most human-centric integrated home wellness platform, Pure Wellness will pioneer a full-suite of education, monitoring, and preventive solutions to produce “health intelligent living spaces.” “Pure Wellness is the ideal partner as Azione Unlimited continues to shape how our members engage with clients, especially a health-conscious and affluent aging population, concerns for genuine wellness solutions,” says Richard Glikes, president of Azione Unlimited.

“Pure Wellness not only shares a vision to create healthier living spaces, but they approached our group knowing they needed a captive network of highly-skilled partners to implement their process correctly. Their motivation and the power of our organization makes this a perfect fit.”

At the heart of Pure Wellness is a mission to present clients with information and education based on their current living conditions. Powered by the Pure365 app, Pure Wellness accomplishes its purpose by presenting a foundational level of wellness solutions that first address the client’s clean water and air purification concerns.

“Indoor air quality is quickly becoming the most prominent epidemic worldwide. Our research shows that nearly 70% of people believe their house air quality has a moderate to strong impact on their health and another 65% are at least somewhat concerned about air quality,” says Vinny Lobdell, global president of Pure Wellness. “Our goal is to build the number one wellness platform that gives clients information on how wellness is impacting every aspect of their health. Our Pure365 app provides real-time information on how those elements are impacting your health, going a step further to provide solutions the help correct your environment.”

Leveraging the momentum behind Pure Wellness’ success, Azione Unlimited can catapult member adoption for the new category. Adding a new wellness partner also compliments the host of vendor-member lighting partners such as USAI and Circa Lighting to offer more organic biophilia solutions.